Hand care after work in the garden

Let us consider unusual gardening gifts. Every woman of any age wants to look beautiful and tidy. Well-groomed hands and nails are the hallmark of every woman and show her attitude towards herself. Accurate manicure, or clean, without burrs nails of proper shape emphasize and complete the image. Suffering women’s hands, wash, wash, cook, care for. Mom’s handles are the most tender, warm and favorite.  They are always in plain sight, so their care should be especially careful. You need to protect them during work, pamper and nourish them after its completion. Gardening is most damaging for skin on hands.

Your hands need special protection and care if you work in the garden and garden. When working in the garden, the ground is clogged in the tiniest cracks and pores on your skin and under your nails. It is difficult to clean the dirt from under your nails, and using a brush will cause injury, and so the skin around the nail plate is damaged by contact with the ground. How to protect your hands from dirt, so that the dirt does not clog under your nails and does not look like a mourning strip, and the skin was gentle and beautiful, talk in this article.

How to protect your hands before gardening

Make a habit of wearing protective gloves. Many women neglect it, saying that a hundred gloves are uncomfortable to work with, through the gloves also dirty hands and a lot of arguments. Properly selected gloves will be able to eliminate all these problems. In specialized shops for gardens and gardens you can and should pick up the gloves in size and quality.

To work with garden tools, pruning shears, hoes and hoes, choose thin thread gloves with polymer dots. When in direct contact with the ground, buy gloves with a waterproof nitrile layer. They are thin and comfortable if properly sized for the hand. When buying try on, move your fingers and hands, squeeze your fist. You should be comfortable. At the end of the glove clean, dry. Lubricate your hands with a protective cream selected for your skin type. It will create a barrier film. It is better to overdo it in your hand skin care.

If you don’t wear gloves so that the dirt doesn’t clog under your nails and get under your skin, take a damp piece of soap and rub your hands and nails against it. Dry for a few minutes. The soap will be clogged in the skin pores and under the nails and will protect it from the ground. You can use soap cream for shaving in tubes. Press a little cream on your hands, rub well on your hands, under your nails and let dry. After work, the dirt will be washed with soap. Shaving cream can also be used to protect the skin of your feet from dust when working in the garden.

Hand and nail treatment after garden work

When the work in the garden is done, take a quarter of an hour with your pens, they deserve attention and care. To make your hands and nails look clean and healthy, do a few simple things:

  • Wash your hands with warm running water to remove dust and dirt from your hands with antibacterial or regular soap and use a soft hand brush if necessary;
  • Apply any oil (olive, sunflower, wheat germ oil), wear thin cotton gloves and sit for 10-15 minutes. Let your body rest and soak up the oil;
  • Apply a nourishing cream and after five minutes your handles are ready for new labour exploits.

If you want to give a woman who likes to work in a garden something special, it makes sense to look for unusual gardening gifts. This will give you the opportunity not only to surprise the woman, but also to show a sign of attention. So you will show that you are worried about the fact that the woman’s hands are always gentle and beautiful. So this gift can be the best choice in almost any situation. With it you will not make a mistake and do everything to form a pleasant opinion about yourself.