Interesting facts about Spain

Land of bright sun, pure sea, relaxing siestas, continuous fun and loud holidays, cheerful carnivals and chilling blood bullfighting, temperamental flamenco, delicious paella and fragrant jam. Spain is famous for more than one thing – it has many special features, memorable even for those who have not been there.

But, along with facts that are well known, there are also little known. We will tell you about the most unexpected surprises that the magnificent Spain is ready to amaze its new residents or just guests. You need to know about this if you are going to come here to rest, and if you intend to buy housing in Spain – all the more so.

Fact One: Europe’s most mountainous and tallest

Spain is about 660m above sea level, making it the highest country in Europe. In addition, over 80% of its territory is a picturesque mountain! Of course, thanks to this there is a place to walk in the broad sense of the word – national parks, amazing beauty of places that literally impress the imagination, just a mass. This is the country of La Rioja vineyards, the white villages of Las Alpujarras, the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada, the peak of Mulhacen with a height of almost 3.5 thousand meters, the mountain ranges of the Picos de Europa, the most beautiful bays of the Asturias coast, and the ideal for hikers Aragonese Pyrenees, the Way of St. James in Santiago de Compostela, etc.. There are a total of 15 national parks.

Fact two: Tolerable legally, but not really

In 2005, marriage was legalized in Spain for people of the same sex, yet a large proportion of the population is intolerant of such unions, and in rural areas sexual minorities may face open expressions of discontent and trouble. The same is feared by nudists, who in the old days prefer to sunbathe naked only in secluded places, although Spanish law officially allows sunbathing completely naked in any place they wish. Legitimate in Spain and prostitution.

Fact three: Extending far beyond Europe

Spain includes the African cities of Melilla and Ceuta as well as the Canary Islands. Thus, the country’s territory is not limited to continental Europe. In the past Spain also owned the American state of California, but the Americans bought it from the Spaniards.

Fact four: What’s good for a tourist, for a farmer, is a headache

As one of the sunniest countries in the world – Spain has around 280 days of sunshine every year – and one of the most popular tourist destinations for this reason, the country is not exactly conducive to farmers: they have to constantly fight drought. Many of the gastronomic delights for which the country is famous are the result of the hard work of local farmers. By the way, difficulties did not prevent the Spaniards from becoming the world’s third largest wine producer after Italy and France.

Fact five: A country of restaurant lovers

Spaniards love to rest in restaurants. Breakfast in a cafĂ© or restaurant is a good tone, while breakfast at home is considered the province of the poor. Self-respecting Spaniards do not have breakfast at home. But dinner, including at home, at 10 pm is normal. In general, the Spaniards have very blurred time for meals, breakfast at 2 pm here – in the order of things. By the way, the love to eat in institutions is clearly expressed in the fact that Spain has the most restaurants, nightclubs and bars among European countries.

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