What you need to know when meeting with Indians

ndians are certainly a unique nation. They do not resemble Europeans or other residents of Asia. Neither culture, nor traditions, nor everyday life. Their head is also somehow arranged in their own way. Often their logic and the reason for their actions is not possible to understand and accept.

From experience with Indians, we have formed a list of characteristics that most self-respecting Indians most often correspond to. So if you want to meet indian men then you should read this article.

He completely lacks the concept of personal space

It is unpretentious, you can economically put 10 Indians in one room. They easily make contact, share all their thoughts, things and food. But no one’s personal space also exists for the Indian. Be prepared for intrusive looking at you and your belongings, pushing in vehicles, very close contact in the queue, endless clinging with an attempt to start a conversation on the street, in a restaurant, in a store – everywhere. If you are visiting Indians, your room will be crowded all the time. If you are in a hotel and opened the door, several pairs of eyes nearby will immediately form. If you want to relax on a bicycle alone or sit alone with your soul mate in the park, you won’t succeed. This will also be true if you meet indian women.

A liar

No problem – says the Indian. Tighten, problems await you. That’s my guarantee – Indian promises. At this moment, he does not even think about how he will fulfill the guarantees. I will do my best –– he exclaims. Keep in mind that after 5 minutes he will forget about his words. It will take only 5 minutes. For sure – it can mean 5 minutes, and maybe 2 hours. Never foresee. Indians lie selflessly, artistically and beautifully. Rarely is the goal negative; rather, show off. Other Indians admire when they listen to beautiful lies, even if they know in advance that this is not true. The liar himself also does not care at all about whether the truth will come out. He will only catch the moment of glory or postpone the problem until later, and there he will figure it out, if that. If you do not have experience with Indians, you will have problems and disappointments. But the ability to lie so beautifully is a great talent, often worthy of admiration, as in front of an actor or an epic reader. You can lie yourself without shame and conscience. Indians will not be disappointed and not offended.

The sense of tact is not familiar to the Indian

He will fill up with tactless questions, insistently insist on answers and dig. He will post all the information he has about you aloud and loudly. The Indian himself can be asked any tactless questions, he will not be offended. You can slightly rude, refuse something, do not answer the question – do not be offended. The word “no” is understood in India – from 3-5. It is normal for an Indian to continue to insist on something.

Most of the Indians, not spoiled by tourism, are not greedy at all

Not in a tourist environment, you can count on sincerity and any possible help, including in matters related to money. Well, in general, it’s nice to watch preserving self-esteem even in poverty.

The Indian is a real family man

Family values ​​occupy a very important place. He respects older relatives, loves children, divorces are rare. Moreover, they have less independence in life. The majority opinion of the family prevails over their own. 

His hobby – bad manners

Extraordinarily loud champing at food, blowing your nose, spitting, and, most repulsive, constant scratching in all possible places. They simply disgust with their manners. You just have to accept that they have different standards.